How We Do It

Step 1: Understanding your unique needs (free initial consultation)

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Step 2: Agree on fees

We offer a fair and transparent pricing model to suit all budgets

Hourly rates: our most flexible option (this includes a full breakdown of time and cost reporting, at set intervals - normally either weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

Note that rates are dependent on the level of seniority and/or skill that you require, as well as the type of work. E.g. a quick Xero implementation for a sole trader business is going to be different to a more complex migration from another accounting system, for a larger business.

Fixed Fee: if you would prefer to know exactly what you are in for, we will put together a comprehensive quote for you.

Note that we have set quotes for all of our core work and therefore do not charge a quoting fee. For more complex / intricate projects though, we do charge a small fee to quote as this can take a lot of time and resources to compile. We will let you know up front if this is likely to be the case as well as what the fee is.

Monthly subscription / service plan: this is our most affordable option as there is a certain element of commitment from both sides. We agree on a recurring scope of work and commit to timeframes and reporting for this option.


Step 3: Commencing services

Once we have scoped out the work and agreed on a pricing structure, we are good to go!

Regardless of the pricing option that you choose, our commitment is to providing a quality service and to being open and transparent in all of our dealings with you.

All of our pricing models are structured so that you see the value in what we do. And you are able to cancel at any time, in accordance with your contract terms.

Most of our work is for once off project implementations and/or recurring monthly support.


Next Steps...

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